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HealthLife of USA and Distributor will be presenting
1. All Over the Counter products in solid dosage and liquid dosage forms.
2. All the Dietary Supplements
3. Other specialty pharmaceuticals
We stock sufficient inventory to supply with non-stop services.

Leading supplier of Over the Counter, Dietary Supplements and specialty pharmaceuticals in the form of Solid, Liquid, in form of Tablets, Capsules, Softgels, Powder, Cream, ointments, Lotion, Liquid, Suppositories in competitive prices with best quality and great customer services.

HealthLife of USA and Distributors expect to become prime leading suppliers for all the Over the Counter, Dietary Supplements and specialty pharmaceuticals to various Pharmaceutical Groups including Wholesalers, Private Label Distributors, Drug Chains, HMOs, Hospital Buying Groups and Local, State and Federal Institutions.

Healthlife of USA and Distributor is leading Service Provider of OTC (Over the Counter Pharmaceutical Products), Dietary and Herbal Supplements and Specialty Pharmaceuticals companies in the USA. Our management team has a long history of experience working in the discount vitamins and custom supplement manufacturing industry. As an established OTC, vitamin and nutritional supplement Services Provider, we always get you the best price on wholesale supplements and vitamins. We supply vitamin and supplements to distributors, retail stores and other top supplement companies throughout the USA. We appreciate both the purpose and the need for government inspections, safety procedures and strict quality control to ensure that the vitamins and custom supplements; we services are meeting the most stringent guidelines and requirements.

We are fully FDA and cGMP compliant. We make sure that when you order any of our vitamins and supplements, you get exactly what you ordered and that the ingredients match what is listed on our labels. Of course, we also use the highest quality ingredients possible for all of our nutritional health products. Health Life of USA can provide you with stock formulations that have a proven track record of success. We can also provide contract manufacturing for any type of custom vitamin and supplement formulations as needed. Nearly all of our vitamin and bulk supplements formulations are available in common industry forms including wholesale caplets, capsules, gel caps, liquids, pills, protein powders and tablets.

Healthlife of USA will procure bulk products from the manufacturers who strictly follow the current Good Manufacturing Practices and label it on private label and sell it to the domestic as well as overseas market.

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