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About Us

Associated with Elysium Pharmaceuticals, Soft Tech pharma, Inva-Derm, Inva-pack and Inva-Tech Pharma Solutions

Our company Healthlife of USA, is a pharmaceutical supply company of OTC (over the counters), vitamins, minerals, food supplements, herbal and prescription drug products . Our office is located at 1600 Hart street, Rahway, NJ 07065 close to exit 12 of NJ Turnpike.

As a us supplier of healthcare products, Health life of USA is committed to providing products of highest quality and at a reasonable price for bulk products (in large quantities as required in millions will be supplied to customer in drums) or packaged products in 24 count, 50 count, 100 count, 500 count, 1000 count, in blister and pouched form.

We supply pharmaceuticals in form of tablets, capsules, soft gels, powder, sachets, cream, ointments, lotion, liquid, suppositories. We are also associated with US FDA registered/inspected facilities Elysium pharmaceuticals, soft-tech pharma and Inva-tech pharma solutions, Invapack & Inva-derm,.

Our product range meets requirements of various pharmaceutical groups including wholesalers, private label distributors, drug chains, HMOs, hospital buying groups, local, state and federal institutions, convenience stores, gas stations, nursing homes, adult day care centers, etc.

All our products are sold to different kind of chain stores like Medline industries, Dollar General, Dollar tree, all different kind of convenience stores, government sectors, overseas countries and others directly or through our customers. Our products can be ordered online on website, by using various payment methods like Visa, Master card, all major credit cards and paypal account.

Also, Healthlife of USA, LLC. is a USA FDA registered, NJ state registered company, having import/export and other required licenses. Further details can be provided on request by sending email at

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1600 Hart Street Rahway,
NJ 07065 USA
(844) 832-1138